The Complex Domain Matrix of Ditransitive Constructions

  • Enrique Huelva Unternbäumen University of Brasília


This study focuses on the semantics of ditransitive constructions. Its main aim is to show that the semantics of this type of construction is made up of elements belonging to different conceptual domains. In order to fully analyze the complexity inherent in the semantics of this type of construction we draw on the concept of domain matrixes, proposed originally by Langacker. An analysis of different types of constructions shows that the matrixes are made up at the same time of elements from different domain types. It was also proven that a hierarchy or a difference in prominence can be identified among the domains that make up the matrix. This is so, given that some of them are necessary to characterize the matrix of one type of construction whilst others are not. Given this observation, we propose the existence of basic domains and secondary domains in relation to their participation in the configuration of a ditransitive construction matrix.

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Unternbäumen, E. H. (2022). The Complex Domain Matrix of Ditransitive Constructions. Constructions, 6.