Special issues

Constructions invites interested colleagues to submit proposals for special issues. A special issue proposal should contain

- the title of the proposed special issue,

- name(s) of the guest editor(s),

- a brief description of the topic,

- a short statement how contributions will be solicited (e.g. from a pool of workshop participants or via an open call),

- optionally, a tentative list of contributors / contributions,

- optionally, a tentative list of peer-reviewers for the proposed contributions.

Special issue papers are subject to the same high standards of peer review as regular papers. In collaboration with the editors-in-chief, guest editors are responsible for making sure that special issue papers are published in accordance with the journal's policies, in particular the peer-review policy and the publication ethics policy.

Please send your special issue proposal to the editors-in-chief. We are looking forward to your proposals!